York County Economic Development

York County Economic Development (YCED) is the lead organization responsible for recruiting businesses, retaining and growing existing firms, and promoting and marketing York County. It also assists in strategic initiatives across York County that are focused on product development, workforce development, infrastructure improvements and quality of life.

In 2017, YCED called on Blue Avenue to provide them fresh, new marketing collateral to market York County to prospective businesses looking to locate their business in the U.S. In addition, being that York County is one of the fastest growing counties in South Carolina, they wanted sales materials to highlight their amazing quality of life as well as their close proximity to Charlotte, North Carolina.

We launched their campaign by creating a York County Profile Brochure, which features various infographics and statistics regarding Workforce, Labor Shed, Population Growth, Commuting Patterns, Infrastructure and much more.

Today, we continue to work with their team to develop various additional sales and target industry collateral including target industry sales brochures, mapping layouts, as well as Living in York County and Doing Business in York County template brochures.


Profile Brochure


Sales Brochures

Promotional Video